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The Ronald Colunga Company's (The RCC) success in assisting companies reach their strategic goals are highlighted by these four case studies:


1.      US GOV BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING:  A composite manufacture and repair company could not understand why they were not obtaining their US Government contracts. As a Woman Owned Small Business, they asked us for assistance.  After a thorough review of the company’s DUNS number and CAGE Code registration, we found the company did not have a continuous review of their SIC and NAICS codes and their designation of Woman Owned Small Business accurately displayed to the US Government. This designation was also missed by Small Business Administration.  Then, we advised the owner to ensure weekly the review completed of Central Contracting Registry.   We also provided training to the company how to research different US Government agencies to ensure the company was aware of all the FEDBIZ Opportunities and helped them establish a search engine specifically for their company’s capabilities.  They are now obtaining more US Government business!


2.      START UP’S & MARKETING:  A web design company was working out of their home. When Income Tax season hit, the family was struck with a larger than normal tax burden, they asked us to review their operation.  We found the company had not established themselves as a small business, nor had they registered the business with the Secretary of State and Comptroller office.  We walked them through their LLC registration with the Secretary of State, and then assisted them in obtaining a Federal Tax ID, then their registration with the Comptroller’s office.  Subsequent to the filings and registrations, they asked for help in preparing to expand their business.  We helped them with a marketing plan for their target audiences and helped them develop an advertising campaign to ensure they were noticed locally.  They are still growing!


3.      INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  An overseas company  had invested in building a manufacturing facility employing 65 skilled technicians in the US, because projections showed growth in the US market.  After two years the company had difficulty obtaining new business with US customers and they asked us to assist. After reviewing their whole operation, we found they had no legislative liaison with their state and federal representatives. First we contacted the state’s governor’s office and found a number of manufacturing programs available for their specific manufacturing business to assist in growth. Then we went to their state and federal representatives, who were aware of the company in their district, however had never known or met the company’s leadership or knew them. We opened up regular discussions between the company and their representation at both state and federal offices. An overseas company has many obstacles to overcome; connecting with the state leadership and the district representation ensures continued growth and an awareness of potential issues that may arise.  It also, keeps them aware of potential adverse legislation to act rather than re-act.  Keeping growth moving forward!


4.      US GOVERNMENT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  A small manufacturer that specialized in body protection products, such as helmets, body armor, etc… had invented a new product.  The product needed to be developed for mass production and the company was small, which meant they were limited on funds to bring the product to market.  The product was earmarked for the US Army and US Marine Corps, however the company did not know who to talk with or how to get funding for production development.  They asked if we could assist.  We were able to connect them with a specific US Department of Defense program that accelerates qualification and testing through the DoD funding. We were able to help them get the opportunity to present their idea.   If the company’s idea was accepted, the DoD would have provided funding to for testing which would have aided the company to bring the product to market.  At least, they are making the effort.  We just opened the door!


The Ronald Colunga Company can help you grow your business through innovative ways you probably did not know existed.  These are just four examples of how The Ronald Colunga Company can be your cost effective advantage to new business, growth and more profit!